Ralph Roberts Classic Chevy Supply


Please make money orders or checks payable to "Ralph Roberts". Personal checks must clear the bank before shipment, (U. S. Funds only). Credit/debit card orders are accepted for new parts only. Credit/debit Cards NOT accepted on used parts and rechromed parts.   Therefore, all credit/debit card orders will receive only a 2% discount off of retail prices. The cash prices, under $500.00 order discount (10% off retail), $500.00 order discount (15% off retail) and $1000.00 order discount (20% off retail) do NOT apply to orders charged on a credit/debit card. Exact shipping charges will be added to all credit/debit card orders & all large cash orders that qualify for the 15% or 20% discount.

The internet catalog is updated weekly with current prices and new parts. If you are planning a $500 or $1000 order for the 15% or 20% discount, please send a list of parts you are interested in and a current price quotation will be sent back promptly. This extra discount does not apply to interior orders, sheet metal, back ordered items, used parts or rechromed parts. Maximum cash discount on CARS Interior orders, interior door panel stainless, sheet metal, 1957 Aluminum Side Panels, Grille Bar, & MCC & AC #'s, 1957 bumper ends and special order items is 10%. Used parts, rechromed parts and new tires are not discounted or credit/debit card acceptable. Sorry, future or previous orders do not count for quantity discounts. Credit/debit card orders are limited to 2% Discount.

Ralph Roberts Classic Supply ships UPS or Priority Mail whenever possible.  So give complete street address and zip code. If you live on a rural route with box numbers, include telephone number.


Please e-mail your order using this Order Form to obtain correct shipping charges if you are prepaying your order. Please do not mail your order until exact amount due is emailed to you.

All orders will be charged exact shipping charges. UPS insurance cost $0.85 per $100 (first $100 free, minimum $2.80). Any package over 60 in. long cost $9.00 extra for handling. UPS now charges $3.10 more for rural residential customers. UPS also charges $2.85 for residential delivery.

*Note One: Canada - Alaska - Hawaii: Exact shipping charge is added. (U. S. Funds only).
*Note Two:  Complete floors, complete doors, trunk floors, trunk lid skins and large quarter panels are shipped truck freight collect. Truck Freight orders must be prepaid, credit/debit cards are not accepted on truck freight orders.
*Note Three: Windshields must be shipped truck freight, prepaid.  Shipping cost is $150.00 to a business address or $200.00 to a residential address paid in advance.

We are no longer able to send orders C.O.D. All orders sent via UPS or USPS must be paid for in advance or prepaid on a credit/debit card.

All items are insured. All claims for damaged parts should be directed to the delivery company within 24 hours. The delivery company will issue a claim and the merchandise will be replaced.

ADDITION INFORMATION: Any part can be discontinued without notice. Prices and Terms may change without notice. If not satisfied with any item and part is unopened, return within 10 days in original container for a prompt refund of full purchase price, less shipping and handling. After 10 days and under 20 days, 25% restocking charge. NO REFUNDS AFTER 20 DAYS. This excludes any printed materials (manuals, literature, decals, etc.) windshields (all glass), paint,  large sheet metal panels (door skins, trunk floors, trunk skins & quarter panels), electrical parts (all wiring) and special order items which are non-returnable. Shipping charges are never refunded. Parts that have been installed are not returnable. A copy of the invoice must be enclosed with instruction on what you would like done with the returned parts. (Refund, exchange, etc.)  Be sure when ordering that clarity is unquestionable.

All parts are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and material for 30 days. Liability is limited to the replacement of defective parts.

Ralph Roberts will not be responsible for any damage or loss caused by delays, failures or any other consequential damage arising from any cause whatsoever, nor for the labor, transportation or any other charges incurred in the replacement or repair of a defective item. I shall not be liable for personal or mechanical damage caused by the use or misuse of products.

In order to act quickly on any shortage claim, notification must be made within 3 days upon receipt of shipment. Any time after this period I can not be held responsible. Check your order as soon as you receive it, even if you're not ready to install the items.

10 AM to 5 PM,  Monday through Friday.
Closed Sat-Sun.  Open some Saturdays from
9 AM to 1 PM, Call to see if we are open.

Ralph Roberts, 15903 NE 119th St., Brush Prairie, WA 98606-9603.
Phone or FAX (360) 892-8421,
Internet: http://www.56chevy.com