Ralph Roberts Classic Chevy Supply


Part Number Year Description Retail 5% Off VISA Discount 10% Off Cash Discount Quantity
2.2340-57 Window Regulator Grommets, Set of 4 (B0-650)   6.986.636.28SET
8.6355-57 Cork Nitrate Sending Unit Gasket   1.501.431.35EA
16-11755-57 Power Steering Pressure Hose   39.0037.0535.10EA
16-11855-57 Power Steering Return Hose   34.0032.3030.60EA
16-11955-57 Power Steering Valve to Cylinder Hose   22.5021.3820.25EA
19-18155-61 Convertible Top Hoses, top pump to cylinders   105.0099.7594.50PR
23-12655-57 Glove Box Door Bumper (15877)   0.500.480.45EA
23-12955-57 License Plate Bumper   0.600.570.54EA
23-13355-57 Door Bumper, 2 hole   0.800.760.72EA
23-13455-57 Door Bumper, 1 hole   0.550.520.50EA
23-16855-64 Hood Bumper   0.850.810.77EA
23-16955-57 Trunk Lid Lower Bumper
23-18555-57 Trunk Lid Upper Bumper   0.650.620.59EA
03755-57 Upper A-Arm Cushion (C5-3501)   8.958.508.06EA
03955-57 Seal, Rear Door (Sedan Delivery)   24.9523.7022.46EA
47-259741-58 Emergency Brake Cable Boot
55-1674055-56 Hood to Cowl Seal, with Retaining Clips (C5-2600)   9.959.458.96KIT
55-20530-L55-59 2-Door Sedan Door Weatherstrip   29.0027.5526.10PR
55C-973555-57 Passenger Car Accelerator Pedal (383)   22.9921.8420.69EA
55C-70214455-57 8/9H Vent Window & Vertical Seals, Hardtop, Convertible & Nomad   47.0044.6542.30PR
55C-702144855-57 9-S Vent Window & Vertical Seals, Sedan, Wagon & Sedan Delivery   47.0044.6542.30PR
70-1760-7755-57 Stationary Quarter Window Channel, 4-Door Sedan (C5-1220-4S, 8537CL)   99.2294.2689.30PR
70-2661-6255-57 2-Door Wagon Center Window Rubber Stops, Set of 4 (7.34)   25.8024.5123.22SET
18355-57 Rubber Bumper, Liftgate Stop (WGN) (C5-203-W)   4.954.704.46EA
18455-57 Window Bottoming Stopper, Inside Door (C5-651-H)   7.957.557.16PR
2251955 Rubber Bumper, Hood Side, Set of 6 (C5-100) (3.10)   9.959.458.96SET
23355-57 Seal, Steering Column, Thick Sponge, Automatic (C5-9017-AT) (55188)   17.9517.0516.16EA
23455-56 Grommet, Cowl Vent   5.955.655.36SET
23555-56 Seal, Steering Column, Upper (C5-870)   4.954.704.46EA
24555-58 Seal, Windshield Pillar (HT & Conv)   9.959.458.96PR
2881957 Front Splash Pan Seals (C7-2400)   10.9510.409.86PR
29655-57 Nomad Roofrail Weatherstrip Seals   169.95161.45152.96SET
32155-57 Power Brake Pad   16.9516.1015.26EA
3241957 Heater Seal Kit, Deluxe (C7-2700-X, S1108)   15.9515.1514.36SET
3341957 Grommet, Air Inlet Drain Tube (C7-2705)   2.952.802.66PR
35356-60 Grommet, Firewall Wire Harness   7.957.557.16EA
59855-56 Steering Column Floor Seal Standard Transmission (C5-9016-ST)   14.9514.2013.46EA
6001957 Seal, Steering Column, Floor, Rubber, (Standard) (C7-9016-ST)   14.9514.2013.46EA
61355-57 Liftgate Tabs, Upper (Nomad)   17.9517.0516.16PR
65155-57 Seal, Rear Quarter Glass (Nomad) (C5-1220-N)   65.9562.6559.36PR
8071955 Rubber Bumper, Fuel Door (& 53-60 Vette) (B9-250)   4.954.704.46EA
81055-57 Trunk Area Access Plug, Inner (C5-402)   12.9512.3011.66SET
81155-57 Grommet, Dome Lens Light Harness (Hardtop) (C5-403)   4.954.704.46EA
82255-57 Grommet, Distributor Wire (C5-553)   3.953.753.56EA
82856-57 Plug, Rubber, Rear Door (4-Door Hardtop)   2.502.382.25EA
83255-57 Door Flipper Stop, Rear (2 Door Hardtop)   12.9512.3011.66PR
83355-57 Door, Upper Access Plug (Sedan)   4.954.704.46PR
83455-56 Grommet Set, Parklight/Headlight/Horn Wire (C5-700)   4.954.704.46SET
84155-57 Seal, Door Drain, Lower (C5-1207)   9.959.458.96SET
84955-57 Seal, Rear Quarter Glass (2 Door Wagon) (C5-1220-2W)   59.9556.9553.96PR
85055-57 Seal, Rear Quarter Glass (4 Door Wagon) (C5-1220-4W)   52.9550.3047.66PR
85255-57 Weather Cord Door Stop   7.957.557.16PR
85355-57 Weather Cord w/Stops (C3-1229)   19.9518.9517.96PR
85455-57 Window Stop, Rear Quarter, U-Shape (Hardtop) (C5-1230-H)   18.9518.0017.06PR
85555-57 Window Stop, Convertible Rear Quarter (C5-1230-C)   13.9513.2512.56PR
85655-57 Rubber Bumper, Rear Quarter Drain Stop (Convertible) (C5-1231-C)   29.9528.4526.96SET
85755-56 Hood Anti-Squeak Kit (C5-2300)   7.957.557.16KIT
86155-57 Rubber Bumper, Rear Axle, Upper (C5-3517)   11.9511.3510.76EA
86555-57 Seal, Headlight Body to Fender Bucket (B1-6506, S1210)   9.959.458.96PR
917A1957 Dome Light Switch Gasket   1.501.431.35PR
1077S1957 Gas Door Stops   5.955.655.36SET
149555-57 Seat Stops, Rear (Nomad & Wagon) (C5-950-N)   14.9514.2013.46SET
191255-56 Gaskets, Instrument Cluster; Set (C5-6550)   7.957.557.16SET
4130-293355-57 Trunk Mat, sport coupe & sedan (579) (6.47)   95.0090.2585.50EA
4130-293555-57 Trunk Mat, Convertible (10.49)   99.0094.0589.10EA
4130-2933A55-57 Trunk Mat, Sedan-Hardtop, with no cutout for Spare Tire (17.51)   100.0095.0090.00EA
0800155-57 3M Yellow Super Weatherstrip Adhesive, 5 oz. Tube   8.498.077.64EA
8002-31655-56 Trunk Seal (C5-8004)   18.0017.1016.20EA
0801155-57 3M Black Weatherstrip Adhesive, 5 oz. tube   11.6511.0710.49EA
8043-3731956 Body to Bumper Seal (C6-8000)   11.5010.9310.35EA
8044-3601957 Body to Bumper Seal (C7-8000)   14.0013.3012.60EA
8060-61H55-57 Sedan, 57 Hardtop Windshield Channel (C5-1000-H)   39.9537.9535.96EA
8063-64-S56-57 Sedan Rear Window Seal (C6-1100-S)   58.9556.0053.06EA
8063-SD1955 2/4-Door Sedan Rear Window Seal (C5-1100-S)   39.9937.9935.99EA
8078-HTC55-57 2-DR HT/Conv. Door Seals (C5-1200-H)   64.9561.7058.46PR
8208-955-57 Rear Wheel House Seal (4-Pieces) (C5-1225)   18.0017.1016.20SET
831355-56 2-DR Hardtop Windshield Channel (C5-1000-H)   39.9537.9535.96EA
8537CL55-57 4-Door Sedan Quarter Window Seal (C5-1220-4S) (70-1760-77)   69.5066.0362.55PR
5518755-57 Firewall Seal Around Steering Jacket, Standard (C5-9017-ST) (232)   13.9513.2512.56EA
369810955-57 Top Motor Mounting Grommets, Convertible   1.000.950.90EA
A9-350639-72 Tie Rod End Boot   4.003.803.60EA
B0-650540-56 Head Lamp Door Seal (864)   10.009.509.00PR
B1-75541-56 Head Light Bucket Wire Grommet (835)   6.005.705.40PR
B1-121741-48 Door Jam Switch Gasket   2.001.901.80PR
B1-220140-56 Inner Fender/Outer Fender Sponge U Seal (558)   20.0019.0018.00PR
B9-121749-56 Door Jam Switch Gasket (917)   2.001.901.80PR
C3-60153-57 Rocker Panel Plug (Flipper Style) (826)   4.504.284.05EA
C3-400653-57 Windshield Wiper Drive Seals (S1036) (3.13)   6.005.705.40SET
C5-45155-57 Rear License Plate Seals (817)   0.750.710.68PR
C5-50055-56 Brake/Clutch Pedal Bumper (818)   2.001.901.80EA
C5-50355-57 Power Steering Hose Grommet (819)   4.504.284.05EA
C5-5501955 Main Wiring Harness Grommet (820)   6.005.705.40EA
C5-55255-57 Distributor Wire Grommet   1.301.241.17EA
C5-55655-56 License Plate Wire Grommet/55-57 Fuel Tank Sending Unit Wire Grommet   1.501.431.35EA
C5-58055-57 Standard Transmission Linkage Grommet   5.004.754.50EA
C5-60055-57 Spare Tire/55 Rocker Panel Plug (825)   1.301.241.17EA
C5-65355-58 Upper Window Stops, Set of 4 (830)   4.003.803.60SET
C5-65455-57 Front Of Door Flipper Stops, HT (831)   25.0023.7522.50PR
C5-66055-57 Garnish Molding to Vent Assembly Grommet (1450)   1.301.241.17EA
C5-85049-57 Accelerator Pedal/Dimmer Switch Grommets (916)   12.5011.8811.25PR
C5-85755-56 Starter Solenoid Boot   5.004.754.50EA
C5-87255-57 Steering Column to Dash Pad (838)   5.004.754.50EA
C5-157-C55-56 Convertible Front Inner Fender to Cowl Washers (rubber)   10.009.509.00SET
C5-407-S55-56 Sedan Rear Glass Drain Seal ('57 Replacement) (815)   13.0012.3511.70PR
C5-651-S41-58 Sedan Window Stop in Door, each   1.301.241.17EA
C5-661-H55-57 Hardtop Front Flipper to Vent Stop (1449)   4.504.284.05PR
C5-15255-57 Outer Cowl Panel, 41-54 Side Cowl Panel Bumpers (801)   1.501.431.35EA
C5-1531955 Window Gutter Inner Cowl Seal (802)   12.5011.8811.25PR
C5-35155-57 Glove Box Arm Grommet (S10691) (809) (9.29)
C5-35555-56 Ash Tray Bumper, each   1.000.950.90EA
C5-40455-57 Rear Body Mount Bolt Plug, pair (812)   6.005.705.40PR
C5-40555-57 Floor Pan Plug (813)   1.301.241.17EA
C5-40655-57 Nomad Rear Side Curved Glass Stops (814)   4.003.803.60PR
C5-1211-C255-57 Rear Windshield Header Seal   14.0013.3012.60EA
C5-1220-4W55-57 4-Door Station Wagon Rear Side Glass Channels (850)   75.0071.2567.50PR
C5-121555-64 Fender Skirt Rubber (554)   15.0014.2513.50PR
C5-1221-2W55-57 Two Door Wagon Center Side Glass Channel (998)   75.0071.2567.50PR
C5-1000-C55-57 Chev. Convertible Windshield Channel (8060-61C)   52.0049.4046.80EA
C5-121855-56 Full Wheel Disc Dust Seals   15.0014.2513.50SET
C5-1100-H55-57 Chev. Rear Glass Channel 2 Door Hardtop (569) (8063-HT) (S1202) (EO76)   52.0049.4046.80EA
C5-1100-N55-57 Nomad Rear Glass Channel (627)   35.0033.2531.50EA
C5-1100-WD55-57 Station Wagon/Sedan Delivery Rear Glass Channel (571)   25.0023.7522.50EA
C5-1200-N55-57 Seal, Door, w/Molded Ends, Nomad (S1002)   85.0080.7576.50PR
C5-1204-H55-57 2-Door Hardtop Windlace Above Door (840)   22.0020.9019.80PR
C5-1208-H55-57 2-DR HT Glass Setting Channel (843)   30.0028.5027.00SET
C5-1208-N55-57 Nomad Glass Setting Channel (844)   28.0026.6025.20SET
C5-1208-S55-57 Glass Setting Channel, 2 Door Sedan (842)   28.0026.6025.20SET
C5-1211-C155-57 Front Windshield Header Seal   16.0015.2014.40EA
C5-1232-C55-57 Convertible Roof Rail Stops   7.507.136.75PR
C5-1233-C55-60 RR of Top to Body Mounting Pads   23.0021.8520.70SET
C5-1234-C55-58 RR Quarter Window Stops, Conv.   7.006.656.30PR
C5-1238-C55-57 Convertible Top Cylinder Lower Support Bracket Grommet, Pair (2200)   5.004.754.50PR
C5-1000-1501955 Series Windshield Channel (8182-WS)   52.0049.4046.80EA
C5-1100-15055-57 150 Series Rear Glass Channel   55.0052.2549.50EA
C5-1220-15055-57 Utility Sedan RR Glass Side Channel (996)   75.0071.2567.50PR
C5-21001955 Over The A Frame Seals (546)   15.0014.2513.50PR
C5-22001955 Front Fender Anti-Squeak Kit (S1074)   15.0014.2513.50SET
C5-275055-56 Wonder Bar/Push Button Radio Speaker Boot (858)   21.0019.9518.90EA
C5-350955-57 Lower Rear Axle Bumper (862)   10.009.509.00PR
C5-380155-56 Pass. w/4 BC Air Cleaner Oil Reservoir Gasket   5.955.655.36EA
C5-380255-56 Pass 8 Cyl (exc. 4 BC, Dual 4 BC) Air Cleaner to Silencer Gasket   5.004.754.50EA
C5-65041955 Park/Tail Lamp Assembly to Body Seals (560)   8.508.087.65SET
C5-65701955 Tail Light Wiring Tubing and Grommets   30.0028.5027.00SET
C5-8007-W55-57 Station Wagon Upper Lift Gate Weatherstrip (S1228)   65.0061.7558.50EA
C5-8008-N55-57 Nomad Lower Lift Gate Weatherstrip (S1225)   70.0066.5063.00EA
C5-800049-55 Rear Body to Bumper Seal (8039-380)   15.0014.2513.50EA
C5-802055-58 Continental Kit to Body Seal   18.0017.1016.20EA
C5-8007-N55-57 Nomad Upper Lift Gate Weatherstrip (614)   50.0047.5045.00EA
C5-9016-AP1955 Automatic Transmission Power Brake Steering Column Floor Seal   20.0019.0018.00EA
C5-9016-AT55-56 Automatic Transmission Steering Column Floor Seal (597)   15.0014.2513.50EA
C6-407-4H56-57 Four-Door HT Rear Glass Drain Seal (816)   14.0013.3012.60PR
C6-10056-57 Hood/Fender Bumpers, Pair (226)   4.003.803.60PR
C6-15356-60 Windshield to Inner Cowl Drain Seal (803)   12.5011.8811.25PR
C6-2551956 Gas Tank to Body Grommet (1823)   14.0013.3012.60EA
C6-57056-58 Generator Grommet   6.005.705.40PR
C6-1100-4H56-57 Rear Glass Channel, 4-DR HT (569A)   60.0057.0054.00EA
C6-1211-4H56-57 4-DR Hardtop Roof Rail w/strip (8525)   330.00313.50297.00PR
C6-1230-4H56-57 4-Door Hardtop Quarter Window Stops   35.0033.2531.50PR
C6-1235-4H56-57 4-Door Hardtop Roof Rail Stop   18.0017.1016.20PR
C6-22001956 Front Fender Anti-Squeak Kit (S1092)   25.0023.7522.50KIT
C6-65041956 Park/Tail Lamp Assembly to Body Seals (560A)   8.508.087.65SET
C6-65091956 Tail Light Lower Inner Housing Seal   4.504.284.05PR
C6-65701956 Tail Lamp Body Wiring Harness Tubing, ex SW, Nomad   30.0028.5027.00PR
C6-9016-AP1956 Auto Transmission Power Brake Steering Column Floor Seal   20.0019.0018.00EA
C7-15457-58 Radiator Saddle Park Light Grommet (357)   3.753.563.38EA
C7-1561957 Front Splash Pan to Bumper Bracket Anti-rattle Seal   4.003.803.60SET
C7-1591957 Fuel Injection Electric Vac Line Grommet   7.006.656.30EA
C7-2501957 Fuel Door Bumpers (808)   4.504.284.05SET
C7-3551957 Ash Tray Bumper, each   1.000.950.90EA
C7-5561957 License Plate Wire Grommet   4.504.284.05PR
C7-55757-59 Speedo Cable Grommet (823)   6.506.185.85EA
C7-55856-57 Cable Grommet (092) (55-14569)   5.004.754.50EA
C7-7551957 Head Light Bucket Wire Grommet (1739)   6.005.705.40PR
C7-8801957 Dash to Brake/Clutch Assembly Support Grommet, Set of 4   6.005.705.40SET
C7-2400-MSK1957 Front Splash Pan Seal (Molded as Original) Kit (326)   40.0038.0036.00KIT
C7-22001957 Front Fender Anti-Squeak Kit (S1106) (295)   19.0018.0517.10KIT
C7-220157-60 Inner Fender/Outer Fender Sponge U Seal (S1103)   23.0021.8520.70PR
C7-23001957 Hood Anti-Squeak Kit (S1105)   11.0010.459.90SET
C7-2701-MS1957 Air Inlet Sleeve (326)   30.0028.5027.00PR
C7-2704-MS1957 Air Duct to Inner Fender Seal (Molded As Original) (548)   21.0019.9518.90PR
C7-26001957 Top of Firewall Cowl Seal (S1101) (8046-A) (556)   12.0011.4010.80EA
C7-27021957 Blower Motor Sleeve (327)   5.505.234.95EA
C7-65041957 Tail Lamp Assy to Body Seals (032)   7.006.656.30SET
C7-65051956 Tail Lamp Bezel Seal/1957 Head Lamp Door Seal (S1091)   10.009.509.00PR
C7-65501957 Gauge to Instrument Cluster Gaskets (1237)   10.009.509.00SET
C7-65701957 Tail Light Wiring Tubing and Grommets   30.0028.5027.00SET
C7-80041957 Trunk Weatherstrip (S1011) (8031-315)   30.0028.5027.00EA
C7-9016-AP1957 Automatic Transmission, Power Brake, Steering Column Floor Seal (599A)   20.0019.0018.00EA
C7-9016-AT1957 Automatic Transmission Steering Column Floor Seal (599)   15.0014.2513.50EA
C11455-57 Door Handle & Lock Gasket Set (C5-1212)   4.003.803.60SET
C11755-57 Rear View Mirror Gasket   1.891.801.70EA
C12255-57 Station Wagon/Sedan Delivery Deck Handle Gasket   0.950.900.86EA
C1341956 Taillight Dust Shields w/Staples (C6-8005) (920)   5.655.375.09PR
C14155-56 Kick Panel Vent Valve Seals Set   8.197.787.37SET
C1421957 Air-Duct Vent Valve Seals Set   8.197.787.37SET
C55570255-57 Brake & Clutch Pedal Pad (320) (C5-9024)
D3-1000-4H63-64 4-Door HT Windshield Channel   65.0061.7558.50EA
D4CH-5001957 Brake/Clutch Pedal Bumper   2.001.901.80EA
EO2355-57 Door Hinge "J" Weatherstrip (246)   18.9518.0017.06PR
EO3555-57 Convertible, Hardtop Body Stopper set (223)   11.6911.1110.52SET
EO3755-57 Two Door Sedan Body Stopper Set (224)   14.9614.2113.46SET
EO3955-57 Two Door Wagon Body Stopper Set   13.2912.6311.96SET
EO4156-57 Four Door Hardtop Body Stopper Set   12.5011.8811.25SET
EO4355-57 Four Door Sedan Body Stopper Set   19.9818.9817.98KIT
EO4555-57 Four Door Wagon Body Stopper Set   18.9518.0017.06SET
EO591957 Gas Tank Filler Neck hose (27-119)   12.2911.6811.06EA
EO671957 Bumper Guard Bullets w/Spacers, Nuts (330) (C7-3005)   36.9535.1033.26PR
EO35755-57 Hardtop, Conv., Nomad Division Bar Channel Stop (147)   6.596.265.93PR
EO36149-64 Sedan Door Jamb Stoppers   0.600.570.54EA
EO36555-57 Nomad Liftgate Stopper Set   3.653.473.29SET
EO437B55-57 Wagon Tailgate Bumper   2.652.522.39PR
EO7381955 Shackle Bushing Set   14.5813.8513.12SET
EO73956-57 Shackle Bushing Set   16.5015.6814.85SET
EO74255-57 Rear Axle Snubber (C5-3517)   6.396.075.75EA
EO74355-57 Lower Control Arm Snubber, w/Stud/Nut (C5-3502) (038)   8.658.227.79EA
P1036055-57 Nomad Liftgate weatherstrip on liftgate   8.257.847.43EA
P1042455-57 Station Wagon Rear Floor Pan Pads   5.795.505.21SET
P108461957 Back-Up Lamp Bumper Seal   2.001.901.80PR
P1286355-57 Radiator Drain Hose   1.501.431.35EA
PSA0081957 Distributor Grommet (3.87A)
S100456-57 4-Door Hardtop Rear Door Weatherstrip   85.2881.0276.75PR
S100556-57 4-Door Hardtop Front Door Weatherstrip   85.2881.0276.75PR
S102355-57 Lock Cylinder Gasket Set
S1030C55-57 Convertible Top Weatherstrip Kit   304.00288.80273.60KIT
S10821956 A-Arm Seals (with cloth backing) (C6-2100)   16.2215.4114.60PR
S10841957 A-Arm Seals (C7-2100, 547)   13.6813.0012.31PR
S109355-56 Hood Anti-Squeak (C5-2300)   6.145.835.53KIT
S109455-57 Gear Shift Grommet (C5-800) (836)   3.853.663.47EA
S112555-57 Nomad Side Sliding Window Vertical Seal   25.4824.2122.93PR
S120255-57 Rear Glass Channel, Hardtop (C5-1100-H)   59.2356.2753.31EA
S12031955 Sedan Rear Glass Channel, except 1955 - 150   59.2356.2753.31EA
S121255-57 Quarter Glass Vertical Seals (Cloth Covered) (C5-1205-C)   27.9226.5225.13PR
S1212A55-57 Quarter Window Seal, without cloth covering, HT/CONV (8109-321) (566)   8.958.508.06PR
S122655-57 Station Wagon Lower Lift Gate Weatherstrip (C5-8008-W)   82.7378.5974.46EA
S1052355-57 Gas Tank "O" Ring   1.701.621.53EA
S2065158-65 Power Brake Pedal Pad, Standard   6.406.085.76EA
SB-1140-57 Accessory Accelerator Pedal Cover   20.0019.0018.00EA

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