Ralph Roberts Classic Chevy Supply


Part Number Year Description Retail 2% Off Debit/Credit Discount 10% Off Cash Discount Quantity
3.571957 Chevrolet Deluxe 4 1/2" Heater Air Duct Hose (313691) (P10863)   12.9512.6911.66EA
9.1141956 Deluxe Heater Levers (466)   21.0020.5818.90PR
9.1231955 Heater Control Cables, Stainless, Set of 3 (26-3155) (P10414)   29.9029.3026.91SET
9.1241956 Heater Control Cables, Stainless (26-3156)   29.9029.3026.91SET
9.1251957 Heater Control Cables, Set of 4 (26-3157)   50.0049.0045.00SET
9.1131955 Deluxe Heater Levers (465)   21.0020.5818.90PR
0131957 Heater Control Valve   65.9564.6359.36EA
01455-56 Heater Control Valve   65.9564.6359.36EA
14-097AS55-56 Deluxe Heater Clips (Set of 5) (15988)   24.9024.4022.41SET
14-097C1957 Heater Control Cable Clip, Deluxe Heater   5.505.394.95EA
14-097CS1957 Heater Control Cable Clip, with screws, Deluxe Heater (Set of 4)   19.9019.5017.91SET
14-11255-56 Heater Control Knobs, lower levers   3.953.873.56PR
14-1311957 Heater Hose Bracket, original   7.006.866.30EA
16-018855-56 Inner Fender Heater Hose Support Bracket (P12620)   9.899.698.90EA
20-009S1957 Heater Fan Mounting Screws, set of 5, exact original   3.002.942.70SET
20-3311957 Heater Assembly Fasteners, w/Deluxe Heater   6.005.885.40SET
24-05231957 Blower Switch, Deluxe Heater   57.7556.6051.98EA
26-3155K1955 Vent Cables, 2-Pack   59.9558.7553.96PR
26-3156K1956 Vent Cables, 2-Pack   49.9548.9544.96PR
55C-1751655-56 Full Size Passenger Car Deluxe Heater Control Lever Switch   39.9539.1535.96EA
32255-56 Heater Seal Kit, Deluxe (C5-2700-X)   19.9519.5517.96KIT
3241957 Heater Seal Kit, Deluxe (C7-2700-X, S1108)   15.9515.6314.36SET
3251957 Heater Seal Kit, Standard   15.9515.6314.36KIT
61255-56 Heater Control Lever Knobs   12.9512.6911.66SET
7961957 Seal, Heater Defroster (C7-2707)   8.958.778.06EA
9551957 Heater Control Knobs (T1434)   18.9518.5717.06SET
1006S1957 Heater cable retainer clips for left & right air duct valves (1204)   2.502.452.25EA
3550455-57 Four Seasons Blower Motor   60.7559.5454.68EA
3560255-57 Four Seasons Heater Cage   38.9938.2135.09EA
C5-2700-ST55-56 Heater Seals for Standard Heater (323)   23.0022.5420.70SET
C7-1327041957 Heater Housing to Inner Fender Retainer   12.0011.7610.80EA
CV00711957 Deluxe Heater Control Housing (UF-11)   99.0097.0289.10SET
HC-2538A55-56 Aluminized Deluxe Heater Core   129.95127.35116.96EA
HC-2539A1957 Aluminized Deluxe Heater Core   139.95137.15125.96EA
P125701957 Heater & Air Conditioning Control Cables   73.9072.4266.51SET
P140981955 Heater & Air Conditioning Control Cables, Set of 4   35.0034.3031.50SET
P140991956 Heater & air conditioning control cables. Set of 4.   42.9942.1338.69SET
T105755-56 Heater Control Face (1288)   26.9526.4124.26EA
T14351957 Heater Control Face (1281)   19.9019.5017.91EA
UF-0955-56 Deluxe Heater Control Bezel (2557)   99.0097.0289.10EA

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