Ralph Roberts Classic Chevy Supply


Part Number Year Description Retail 5% Off VISA Discount 10% Off Cash Discount Quantity
C66755-57 Convertible Rear Seat Foam   259.00246.05233.10EA
C66855-57 B/A 2-DR HT Back Seat Foam   259.00246.05233.10EA
C87555-57 2-Door Bench Front Seat Foam, HT, Sedan and Wagon   259.00246.05233.10SET
C91653-56 "Daytona" 4-Piece Beige Carpet Mat Set, (E-133)   95.0090.2585.50SET
C91756-58 Nylon Loop 4-Piece Gold Carpet Mat Set   55.0052.2549.50SET
C446153-56 "Daytona" 4-Piece Dark Blue Carpet Mat Set (T-208)   95.0090.2585.50SET
CALL-155-57 Pre-Assembled Side Panels, 2-Door Hardtop, Convertible -Inquire for cost for your car   729.00692.55656.10Set
CALL-21956 Pre-Assembled Side Panels, B/A Nomad   789.00749.55710.10Set
CALL-31955 Pre-Assembled Side Panels, 2-Door Sedan   729.00692.55656.10Set
CALL-455-57 Pre-Assembled Side Panels, other models   789.00749.55710.10Set
CALL-555-57 Headliners, All Hardtops & Sedans, except 57 B/A Sedans   169.00160.55152.10EA
CALL-655-57 Wagons & 57 B/A Sedan Headliners   189.00179.55170.10EA
CALL-755-57 Seat Covers, Most Models   685.00650.75616.50Set
CALL-855-56 Carpet Sets, Original Tight Weave Daytona   429.00407.55386.10EA
CALL-91957 Carpets Sets, Original 80/20 Loop Type Carpet Material, Cut & Sewn   229.00217.55206.10EA
CALL-1055-57 Cargo Deck Material   312.00296.40280.80Set
CALL-1155-57 Sunvisors Presewn on New Boards, Ready to Install   135.00128.25121.50PR
CALL-1255-57 Molded 80/20 Carpet, Choice of colors: Black, Red, Green, Turquoise, Grey, Light or Medium Blue.   185.20175.94166.68SET

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Last update on: 10/2/2015