Ralph Roberts Classic Chevy Supply


Part Number Year Description Retail 2% Off Debit/Credit Discount 10% Off Cash Discount Quantity
001-0037609155-57 Power Brake Treadle-Vac Master Cylinder Rubber Boot   9.959.758.96EA
4.10455-64 Spark Plug Wire Grommet - 4 Hole (3711963)   1.851.811.67EA
4.104A55-57 Spark Plug Wire Grommet - Single Hole (3707952)   0.850.830.77EA
6-101155-57 Steering Box Cover and Steering Column Bolt Kit, stainless   11.2811.0510.15KIT
6-101755-57 Trunk Hinge Bolt Kit, stainless   3.983.903.58KIT
6-102555-57 Body Mounting Bolt Kit, Hardtops, stainless   74.8073.3067.32KIT
6-102755-57 Body Mount Bolt Kit, Convertibles, stainless   76.8575.3169.17KIT
8.8955-57 Front Sway Bar (1" Bar)   169.95166.55152.96EA
8.90A55-57 Modified Rear Station Wagon Sway Bar (7/8" Heavy Duty)   159.95156.75143.96EA
8.9055-57 Sway Bar w/Mounting Kit, Rear (1" Diameter Steel)   159.95156.75143.96KIT
8.18155-56 Speedometer Gear, Red with 21 teeth (3708142)   10.009.809.00EA
8.18257-62 Speedometer Gear, Blue with 20 teeth (3708246)   10.009.809.00EA
8.18355-60 Speedometer Gear, Green with 22 Teeth (3708699)   10.009.809.00EA
8.18455-60 Speedometer Gear, Yellow with 24 Teeth (3708143)   10.009.809.00EA
8.18555-60 Speedometer Gear, Nylon with 25 Teeth (3738400) (15545)   10.009.809.00EA
8.18659-60 Speedometer Gear, Brown with 18 Teeth (3756702)   10.009.809.00EA
10-07855-57 '605' Bolt on Mounting Bracket & Fasteners   35.0034.3031.50SET
10-05055-57 Power Steering Center Link   139.00136.22125.10EA
10-05255-57 Power Steering Idler Arm   64.0062.7257.60EA
10-05155-57 Power Steering Pitman Arm, no ball   59.0057.8253.10EA
10-12655-57 Leaf Spring Eye Bushing Bolt, gr. 8 with lock nut   1.501.471.35EA
10-287A55-64 Pitman Arm to Steering Box Nut (2691)
10-287A155-64 Pitman Arm to Steering Box Lock Washer
10-32055-57 Castle Nut, 7/16 x 20 fits all Tie Rod Ends and Power Steering Pitman Arm Ball Stud   1.701.671.53EA
10-303R55-57 Rear Axle Leaf Spring Perches   23.0022.5420.70PR
16-117C55-57 Adapter, Stock P/S Pressure Hose to late model pump with female connection   7.507.356.75EA
22-09955-64 Brake Show Guide Washer, goes on upper Pivot Stud   3.503.433.15EA
22-09555-61 Brake Pedal Bushings, pair   7.006.866.30PR
22-09655-58 Brake Pedal Return Spring (1883)   7.807.647.02EA
22-102A155-61 Master Cylinder Metal Cap, Rp.   8.958.778.06EA
22-19055-57 Emergency Brake Roller Shouldered Bolt (EO335)   4.504.414.05PR
22-12955-70 Emergency Brake Strut Bar between Rear Brake Shoes   7.507.356.75EA
22-246E1955 Disc Brake Conversion Line Kit, for Power Booster w/ master cylinder   77.0075.4669.30SET
22-212B55-57 Brake Line Clip, below master cylinder to firewall, all w/power brakes, each   1.000.980.90EA
22-215D55-57 Front Brake Line to Frame Clips   8.508.337.65PR
22-232G55-57 Proportioning Valve Mounting Bracket (Power Disc Brakes)   12.0011.7610.80EA
22-23555-57 Emergency Brake Linkage Return Spring, Except Conv.   9.008.828.10EA
22-23655-57 Emergency Brake Linkage Return Spring, All Conv.   8.508.337.65EA
22-23755-57 Brake Line Clip   1.501.471.35EA
27-1611957 Gas Tank Vent Hose, except Wagon   5.505.394.95EA
27-161B1957 Gas Tank Vent Hose, Wagon   6.005.885.40EA
28-073RP55-64 Shift Linkage Swivel Assembly (P12497) (1175)   10.5010.299.45EA
55C-5019-2FL55-57 "Bolt-On" V/8 Conversion Motor Mount Kit, 3/4" Forward (MCC011)   58.0056.8452.20KIT
55C-5019-2SL55-57 "Bolt-On" V/8 Conversion Motor Mount Kit, Stock Location (MCC010)   58.0056.8452.20KIT
110.0228055-57 (59-70 Rear) Centric Brake Shoes, Front, Relined, Riveted. Plus Core Value $5.00   21.3520.9219.22SET
13855-57 Roller Bearing Conversion Kit (EO325)   214.95210.65193.46KIT
141.6206579-86 Front Disc Brake Caliper (Plus $15.00 Core Charge) (16-4071) (C4125)   19.9519.5517.96EA
141.6206679-86 Front Disc Brake Caliper (Plus $15.00 Core Charge) (16-4072) (C4126)   19.9519.5517.96EA
144.6400955-62 Centric Wheel Cylinder Repair Kit, Rear (F3600)
329-1055-57 Precision Universal U-Bolt Kit (102)   5.955.835.36PR
36955-57 Precision Universal Joint   14.9914.6913.49EA
53255-57 Body Mount Set, Hardtop (EO462)   99.9597.9589.96SET
532A55-57 Body to Frame Mount Cushions & Spacers (Sedan, Nomad, Wagon) (EO464)   84.9583.2576.46SET
532B55-57 Body Mount Set (Conv.)   54.9553.8549.46SET
618-10155-57 Dorman Spindle Dust Cap, 1-25/32", for Disc Brakes   1.681.651.51EA
618-10256-57 Dorman Wheel Grease Cap, front (2-3/32")   1.791.751.61EA
63855-57 Front Coil Springs, Regular   76.3974.8668.75PR
65655-57 Front Coil Springs, Heavy Duty (Not to be used with drop spindles)   78.4576.8870.61PR
1002S51-61 Master Cylinder Cap Gasket   1.951.911.76EA
1003S1957 Master Cylinder to Firewall Gasket   1.951.911.76EA
1004C55-57 Power Brake Hose Bracket   13.9513.6712.56EA
1004S55-57 Master cylinder gaskets not included in rebuild kits (3) (Includes 1003S)   5.955.835.36SET
1005S55-57 Copper washers for master cylinder & power brake units   2.952.892.66SET
1011C55-57 Differential Tag   2.001.961.80EA
1012C55-57 Rad. Sup. to Frame/2 Bolts & Nuts/2 Plates/1 Lock Plate (1167)   12.9512.6911.66SET
1203K55-70 Upper Ball Joint (1K6034) (10-131) (CV0066)   19.9519.5517.96EA
144455-72 Tie Rod End Urethane Boots (Inner & Outer)   7.957.797.16PR
1670K55-57 Lower Ball Joint (1K670) (10-132) (CV0067)   19.9519.5517.96EA
1755R55-57 Delco Rear Brake Shoes (PAB9, 3695709)   69.9568.5562.96SET
2162B55-65 Control Arm Bushing - Upper (FB149)   2.832.772.55EA
2163B55-64 Control Arm Bushing - Lower (FB153)   3.753.683.38EA
225555-57 Axle Bumper Retainers, rear   19.9519.5517.96PR
287255-57 Idler Arm Bearing Kit   119.95117.55107.96KIT
440655-57 Brake Adjuster Screw Hole Cover, Rubber
520055-57 National Rear Transmission Seal & Bushing Kit   10.8010.589.72EA
545855-56 National Seal, Rear Wheel   33.5532.8830.20EA
551467-72 Disc Brake Rotor (121.62000)   49.9548.9544.96EA
6712NA53-73 National Powerglide Front Pump Seal   4.954.854.46EA
681855-64 National Front Pinion Oil Seal   18.8018.4216.92EA
698555-57 Wheel Seal - Front   14.5914.3013.13EA
850355-57 Generator Rear End Bearing   19.9919.5917.99EA
8526B55-57 Idler Arm Bushing - short (on center link) (4K377)
8528B55-57 Idler Arm Bushing - long (frame bracket end) (4K379)   13.9913.7112.59EA
853755-75 Manual Steering Worm Shaft Bearing, 2 required   34.4533.7631.01EA
1016455-57 Steering Connecting Rod Dust Cover & Gasket (Manual Steering)   9.959.758.96EA
10164A55-57 Steering Connecting Rod Dust Cover with Gasket (Power Steering)   9.959.758.96EA
1327355-57 Shift Arm Connection Kit (Long)(Fits TH-350, TH-400, TH700R, TH-200R, 4L80E & More)   59.9558.7553.96EA
1783155-56 Differential Bearing   11.7311.5010.56EA
1788755-56 Differential Bearing   36.8536.1133.17EA
3206655-57 Monro-Matic Heavy Duty Front Shock Absorber   35.6534.9432.09EA
3304955-57 Monro-Matic Heavy Duty Rear Shock Absorber   31.4530.8228.31EA
24069855-69 National Overdrive Trans. Solenoid Seal
34079755-65 National Overdrive Transmission Control Seal   3.833.753.45EA
37813746-64 Steering Knuckle Spindle Nut (3/4" - 20 hex.)   3.793.713.41EA
47413155-75 Manual Steering Worm Shaft Seal   6.606.475.94EA
369570951-56 Rear Brake Shoes, Car and 1/2 Ton ($15.00 Core) (1755R)   40.0039.2036.00SET
384504848-56 Gearshift Fork, 2nd & 3rd, less shaft, hollow drilled (4.302)   34.7734.0731.29EA
1156966979-86 Banjo Bolt 4.671 (14000404) (88891786)   5.405.294.86EA
2252716755-57 Brake Line Retainer   0.580.570.52EA
APV00155-68 Adjustable Proportioning Valve with Bracket   78.5076.9370.65EA
B-0156-57 Front Wheel Outer Bearing   55.7554.6450.18EA
B-4055-57 Front Wheel Inner Bearing   109.99107.7998.99EA
B-411955 Front Wheel Outer Bearing   63.7862.5057.40EA
BBK00155-57 Brake Line Bracket, 8 Cyl., 4 BBL., 2-4 or F. I.   34.0033.3230.60EA
BCB00155-57 Emergency Brake Clevis (1594)   17.0016.6615.30EA
BDS00155-57 Brake Drum Spring   10.7510.549.68EA
BHC00155-64 Brake Hose Clip, set of 4   6.005.885.40SET
BHK00155-57 Brake Hardware Kit, All hardware for all 4 wheels   55.7554.6450.18KIT
BHK00255-57 Brake Self-Adjusting Hardware Kit   80.0078.4072.00KIT
BHKF0255-58 Kit for Converting from Original to Self-Adjusting Brakes, Front Only   47.7546.8042.98KIT
BHKR0155-57 Brake Hardware Kit Rear   29.9529.3526.96KIT
BHKR0255-57 Rear Drums Self-Adjusting Brake Hardware Kit   47.7546.8042.98KIT
BJB00151-58 52-62 Corvette Brass Junction Block, Tee that goes on Rear End Housing (1506)   19.9019.5017.91EA
BJB55L1955 Brass Junction Block (Front Left)   19.9019.5017.91EA
BJB55R1955 Brass Junction Block (Front Right)   19.9019.5017.91EA
BJB67L56-57 Brass Junction Block (Front Left)   19.9019.5017.91EA
BJB67R56-57 Brass Junction Block (Front Right)   19.9019.5017.91EA
BLC0011955 Front Brake Line Clip Set (BLC001) (1505)   3.503.433.15SET
BLC0021955 Front Brake Line Clip (Power Brakes)   4.754.664.28EA
C14455-57 Brake Drum/Axle Flange Gasket Set (4)
C14555-57 Axle Housing to Bearing Cover Gaskets, Pair   4.394.303.95PR
CHE55155-57 Front End Rebuilding Kit, (4 Ball Joints, 8 Control Arm Bushings & 2 Outer Tie Rod Ends)   129.95127.35116.96KIT
CHK00155-58 Master Cylinder Hardware Kit, fits standard or power brakes   26.0025.4823.40KIT
CM-02155-64 Steering Gearbox Rebuild Kit   98.9596.9789.06KIT
DBC00155-57 Drum Brake Hole Cover, set of 4, made of metal (1511)   4.003.923.60SET
DSB00155-57 Dent Slide Bumper   2.502.452.25EA
EBAL0155-57 Emergency Brake Adjusting Linkage, All except Convertible (1570)   42.5041.6538.25EA
EBAL0255-57 Emergency Brake Adjusting Linkage, Convertible Only   48.0047.0443.20EA
EBC00155-57 Emergency Brake Cable Clip Kit, including 2 clips (1504)
EBIL0155-57 Emergency Brake Idler Lever   18.0017.6416.20EA
EBIL0255-57 Parking Brake Idler Lever, Convertible only   18.0017.6416.20EA
EO33355-57 Front Emergency Brake Cable (Except Convertible) (795)   17.9817.6216.18EA
EO33555-58 Front Emergency Brake Roller Set (also 55-59 Truck)   9.959.758.96PR
ES234RL55-57 Tie Rod Outer End (CV0085)   22.9222.4620.63EA
ES577-IN55-57 Inner Tie Rod End (Non Power Steering) (CV0068) (10-103)   19.9519.5517.96EA
F9891269-71 Wagner Disc Brake Hose, (SP-5753) (150.62027)   19.9519.5517.96EA
FBL00156-57 Front Brake Lines (4)   59.0057.8253.10SET
FBL00256-57 Front Brake Lines (4) 6 or 8 Cylinder Power Brakes   59.0057.8253.10SET
FBL0041955 Front Brake Lines (4) 6 or 8 Cylinder Standard Brakes   59.0057.8253.10SET
FBL0051955 Front Brake Lines (4), 6 or 8 Cylinder Power Brakes   59.0057.8253.10SET
FBL0101955 Power Disc Brake Line Set, Straight   59.0057.8253.10SET
FBL01156-57 Power Disc Brake Line Set, Straight   59.0057.8253.10SET
FBL01655-57 Front Proportioning Valve Line   17.0016.6615.30EA
FR1746DD55-57 Rag Joint (605 Applications)   79.0077.4271.10EA
GLC00156-57 Gas Line Clip, 2-4 BBL. or F. I.   2.752.702.48EA
GLH00155-57 Gas Line Hose, 8 cyl.: 2 BBL. or 4 BBL. (1538)   12.0011.7610.80EA
GLH00256-57 Gas Line Hose, 8 cyl.: 2-4 BBL. or 57 F. I.   20.0019.6018.00EA
GLK00255-56 Gas Line (Pump to Carb.); 55: 8 Cyl. 4 BBL; 55-56: 8 Cyl., 2 BBL. w/o filter   20.0019.6018.00EA
GLK0041957 Gas Line (Pump to Carb.) 8 Cyl., 2 BBL. used w/Filter   20.0019.6018.00EA
GLK00556-57 Gas Line (Pump to Carb.) 4 BBL. w/Filter, 8 cyl.   20.0019.6018.00EA
GLK00755-56 Gas Line (Pump to Carb.): 55: 4 BBL.,55-56: 2 BBL., 8 Cylinder with Filter   20.0019.6018.00EA
GLK0081957 Gas Line (Pump to Carb.), 8 Cyl., 2-4 BBL. Passenger Car Only   48.0047.0443.20EA
GLK0111955 Gas Line (Pump to Carburetor) w/Add on Oil Filter, Used w/Gas Filter   20.0019.6018.00EA
GLL00155-57 Gas Line-Long (Pump to Tank) 5/16"; 8 Cyl., 2 BBL.   65.0063.7058.50EA
GLL00255-57 Gas Line-Long (Pump to Tank) 5/16"; 8 Cyl., 4 BBL.   65.0063.7058.50EA
GLL00356-57 Gas Line-Long (Pump to Tank) 3/8"; 8 Cyl., 2-4BBL. and F. I.   65.0063.7058.50EA
GLL00455-57 Long Gas Line (Pump to Tank) 5/16", 6-Cylinder Inside Frame   65.0063.7058.50EA
GLL00555-57 Long Gas Line (Pump to Tank) 8 Cylinder, 2-BBl Convertible, Inside Frame, 5/16"   65.0063.7058.50EA
GLL00656-57 Gas Line-Long (Pump to Tank) 5/16"; 8 Cyl., 4 BBL, Dual Exhaust Nomad Station Wagon   65.0063.7058.50EA
GLL00756-57 Gas Line-Long (Pump to Tank) 3/8", 8 Cyl. 56: 2-4BBL; 57: 2-4 BBL or FI, Nomad   65.0063.7058.50EA
GPP00555-57 Bleeder Brake Screws, original, set of 4 (BPV11D)   25.0024.5022.50SET
HBL00155-57 Rear End Housing Brake Lines, Set of 2   29.0028.4226.10SET
HM8851055-64 Tail Pinion Bearing   10.6910.489.62EA
HM8854755-64 Tail Pinion Bearing   30.2029.6027.18EA
HM8944955-64 Head Pinion Bearing   22.8022.3420.52EA
KSA-5G00155-57 Brake Hose, Rear (150.62000) (MCM-1034)   19.3718.9817.43EA
KSA-5G00255-57 Brake Hose, Front (150.62091) (MCM-1225)   18.9518.5717.06EA
KSA-5G00369-71 Disc Brake Hose (SP-5753) (150.62027) (F98912)   19.9519.5517.96EA
KSC-5G00155-57 Right Front Wheel Cylinder (134.62057)   19.9519.5517.96EA
KSC-5G00255-57 Left Front Wheel Cylinder (134.62056)   19.9519.5517.96EA
KSC-5G00355-57 LH Rear Wheel Cylinder (134.64005) (MCM-13387)   12.5012.2511.25EA
KSC-5G00455-57 RH Rear Wheel Cylinder (134.64006) (MCM-13388)   12.5012.2511.25EA
LBL00156-57 Long Brake Line, 6 Cylinder or 8 Cylinder 2 BBL. Inside Frame.   40.0039.2036.00EA
LBL00256-57 Long Brake Line, 8 Cylinder Dual Exhaust. Outside Frame.   40.0039.2036.00EA
LBL0031955 Long Brake Line, 6 Cylinder or 8 Cylinder 2BBL. Inside Frame.   40.0039.2036.00EA
LBL0041955 Long Brake Line, 8 Cylinder Dual Exhaust Outside Frame.   40.0039.2036.00EA
LM1194955-57 Disc Brake Bearing   6.556.425.90EA
LM6704855-57 Disc Brake Bearing   7.757.606.98EA
MCC004A55-57 Ragjoint coupler to Original Column   95.0093.1085.50EA
MCC00555-57 Power Steering Modify Kit   149.00146.02134.10EA
MCC00955-57 Small Block Pump Bracket with Adjuster for Side Motor Mounts (63160)   45.0044.1040.50PR
MCC009A55-57 Big Block Pump Bracket with adjustor (Side Motor Mounts) (63161)   55.0053.9049.50SET
MCC010S55-57 Bolt on Side Motor Mounts (stock location) Seamless Frame (63193)   61.3060.0755.17SET
MCC011S55-57 Bolt on Side Motor Mounts (3/4" forward). Seamless Frame (63195)   61.3060.0755.17SET
MCC01255-57 Transmission Crossmember with mounting brackets (63196)   69.9568.5562.96EA
MCC01355-57 Rear Shock Crossmember (63197)   61.9560.7155.76EA
MCC01755-58 Front Disc Brake Brackets, Mount to Rear of Spindle, uses most 14" wheels, laser cut (For Stock Spindles)   124.90122.40112.41PR
MCC02055-57 Chevy 7" Power Brake Booster with Master Cylinder & Mounting Bracket (63202)   299.00293.02269.10EA
MCC02355-57 Adjustable Porportioning Valve (WIL WOOD) (63163)   49.0048.0244.10EA
MCC03055-57 Lowering Blocks 2" (33123)   45.9845.0641.38PR
MCC030A55-57 Lowering Blocks 3" (33124)   49.9548.9544.96SET
MCC03255-57 Turbo Transmission Side Mounts (63209)   89.9588.1580.96SET
MCC03655-57 Rear Traction Bars (63212)   139.95137.15125.96PR
MCC04055-57 Rear Spring Pocket Kit--Used to relocate Leaf Springs (Do Not use Lowered Springs with this Kit) (63216)   279.90274.30251.91KIT
MCC04155-57 Adapter for Original PS Centerlink to Change to Manual Style Centerlink   175.00171.50157.50KIT
MCM-578S55-57 Tie Rod End Sleeve, Power Steering, LH   22.2321.7920.01EA
MCM-9190155-57 Emergency Brake Cable, Rear (3710113) (55C-2599)   35.8535.1332.27EA
MCM-B24555-57 Rear Leaf Spring Front Eye Bushing   15.9915.6714.39EA
MCM-F-2100055-61 Wagner Master Cylinder   69.9568.5562.96EA
MCM-F1935655-57 Master Cylinder Repair Kit, (M-67) (234)   24.9524.4522.46KIT
MH-40655-57 Power Steering Left Hand Inner Tie Rod End   44.9544.0540.46EA
P1094555-57 Power Brake Vacuum Hose Clamp   0.750.740.68EA
P1096655-57 Brake shoe hold down spring kit, 2 wheels   8.958.778.06KIT
P1096755-57 Brake shoe return spring kit, 2 wheels   13.9513.6712.56KIT
P1200655-57 Convertible Front Brake Cable (795A)   23.5023.0321.15EA
PB-00154-58 Special Double Shoulder Bolt that connects Treadle-Vac Plunger Rod to Pedal Assy. Stainless Steel   18.9518.5717.06KIT
PB-0021955 Power Brake Vacuum Hose Kit w/GM Logo & Codes & Spring Clamps   21.9521.5119.76KIT
PB-00356-57 Power Brake Vacuum Hose Kit w/GM Logo & Codes & 4 Spring Clamps   21.9521.5119.76KIT
PBL0011955 Power Brake Line from Master Cylinder   15.7515.4414.18EA
PBL00256-57 Power Brake Line from Master Cylinder   15.7515.4414.18EA
Power-Brake55-57 Power Brake Unit, Rebuilt (your rebuildable core)   249.95244.95224.96EA
PS-05655-64 Power Steering Valve Dust Cap at Adjusting Nut End
PS-07455-57 Power Steering Valve Replacement   384.95377.25346.46EA
PSA00655-57 Idler Arm Tab Washer (8-180)   2.001.961.80EA
PSC00155-57 Power Steering Ram Cylinder (8.115)   225.00220.50202.50EA
RP2531755-57 Drag Link Repair Kit   82.7981.1374.51KIT
RRC2055-64 Differential Plug with Gasket   7.957.797.16EA
RRC20-155-57 Rear Axle Fill Plug Gasket   1.751.721.58EA
RW-307-R1957 Rear Wheel Bearing   109.65107.4698.69EA
RW-507-ER55-56 Timken Rear Wheel Bearing (Rear Seal is #5458)   97.9595.9988.16EA
SIP00155-57 Spring Liner Inserts (8) Set to Rebuild 2 Rear 4-Leaf Springs   20.0019.6018.00SET
SIP00255-57 Spring Liner Inserts, to rebuild 2 rear 5-leaf springs   22.0021.5619.80SET
SIP00355-57 Spring Liner Inserts, set of 16 to rebuild 2 rear 6-leaf springs   25.0024.5022.50SET
UF-061955 Grease Cap, pair   20.0019.6018.00PR
UF-0738-60 Grease Cap, except 1955   20.0019.6018.00PR
WCW00155-64 Wheel Cylinder French Lockwasher   1.000.980.90EA

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