Ralph Roberts Classic Chevy Supply

1958 Chevy Parts

Part Number Year Description Retail 2% Off Debit/Credit Discount 10% Off Cash Discount Quantity
20-264A58-64 Wire Strap, adjustable type 5" long overall, plastic, each, Black   0.500.490.45EA
20-15211958 Front End Sheetmetal Fastener Set, 295 pieces   68.0066.6461.20SET
20-16011958 Front Fender Moldings, Impala, Molding Clip Set   17.3016.9515.57SET
20-16021958 Door Moldings, Impala 2-Door, Molding Clip Set   31.0030.3827.90SET
20-16031958 Long Quarter Panel Side Moldings, Impala 2-Door Molding Clip Set   29.0028.4226.10SET
24-055858-62 Blower Switch   34.5033.8131.05EA
26-31581958 Heater Control Cables (3)   39.9539.1535.96SET
47-18416-C58-63 Full Size Pass Car Locking Gas Cap, Chrome   10.009.809.00EA
58-AIM1958 Accessory Parts & Installation Manual, Chevy Car & Truck   15.0014.7013.50EA
58-PFA1958 Factory Assembly Manual, Passenger Car   25.0024.5022.50EA
58-POM1958 Chevy Passenger Car Owners Manual   8.508.337.65EA
58-PSB1958 Color Sales Brochure, Passenger Car   6.005.885.40EA
58BP091958 Black Package Tray, Impala 2-DR HT   11.1110.8910.00EA
58C-928858-66 Full Size Passenger Car Rear Antenna Cable   13.9913.7112.59EA
58C-134501958 Tail Light Lenses (C5801)   5.004.904.50EA
58C-13208-A1958 Park Light Lens, Amber, (Set of 4)   35.0034.3031.50SET
58C-13208-C1958 Park Light Lens, Clear, (Set of 4)   35.0034.3031.50SET
58C-1676258-72 Hood Adjuster Bolt & Bumper Kit   6.506.375.85EA
58C-3000058-60 Full Size Accessory Exhaust Ports with mounting hardware   99.0097.0289.10PR
58C-43000-G1958 Glove Box Liner   12.0011.7610.80EA
59C-931059-60 Full Size Passenger Car Fuel Tank, except Wagon (119)   179.00175.42161.10EA
60-365058-64 Steering Column Bearing & Retainer   24.5024.0122.05EA
591A1958 Vee, Silver, Continental Kit   35.9535.2332.36EA
658A1958 Front Coil Springs   65.3063.9958.77PR
66158-70 Rear Coil Springs   87.5885.8378.82PR
730-37R1958 RH Headlight Panel Top   75.7574.2468.18EA
730-05L1958 Impala Inner Rocker Panel, LH (C9081)   110.00107.8099.00EA
730-05R1958 Impala Inner Rocker Panel, RH (C9082)   110.00107.8099.00EA
730-291958 Spare Tire Well (C7759)   135.00132.30121.50EA
730-76L1958 Trunk Floor, LH (C7768)   145.00142.10130.50EA
730-76R1958 Trunk Floor, RH (C7769)   145.00142.10130.50EA
730-61L1958 Trunk Filler Panel, LH (C7770)   95.0093.1085.50EA
730-61R1958 Trunk Filler Panel, RH (C7771)   95.0093.1085.50EA
730-79L1958 LH 1st Floor Brace (From Front of Car) (C9006)   99.0097.0289.10EA
730-79R1958 RH 1st Floor Brace (From Front of Car) (C9007)   99.0097.0289.10EA
730-79AL1958 LH 2nd Floor Brace (From Front of Car) (C9008)   99.0097.0289.10EA
730-40AL1958 LH Toe Board (C9004)   149.00146.02134.10EA
730-79AR1958 RH 2nd Floor Brace (From Front of Car) (C9009)   99.0097.0289.10EA
730-40AR1958 RH Toe Board (C9005)   149.00146.02134.10EA
730-79BL1958 LH 3rd Floor Brace (From Front of Car) (C9010)   105.00102.9094.50EA
730-79BR1958 RH 3rd Floor Brace (From Front of Car) (C9011)   105.00102.9094.50EA
730-79CL1958 LH 4th Floor Brace (From Front of Car) (C9012)   105.00102.9094.50EA
730-79CR1958 RH 4th Floor Brace (From Front of Car) (C9013)   105.00102.9094.50EA
730-45L1958 Floor Pan Rear Section, LH (C7752)   109.00106.8298.10EA
730-45R1958 Floor Pan, RH Rear (C7753)   109.00106.8298.10EA
730-40R1958 Floor Pan, RH Front, All (C7751)   109.00106.8298.10EA
730-40L1958 Floor Pan, LH Front, All (C7750)   109.00106.8298.10EA
730-56L1958 Rear Quarter Lower Front Patch, Left Hand (C7757)   85.0083.3076.50EA
730-56R1958 Rear Quarter Lower Front Patch, Right Hand (C7758)   85.0083.3076.50EA
730-37L1958 LH Headlight Panel Top   75.7574.2468.18EA
1231K58-70 Lower Ball Joint   25.0624.5622.55EA
5573S58-64 Rear Wheel Seal   15.4015.0913.86EA
60351958 Drive Shaft Support Bearing   9.509.318.55EA
1064058-60 Gas Cap   4.954.854.46EA
53112-5011958 Black Molded 80-20 Carpet Set   185.85182.13167.27EA
38422058-64 Upper Control Arm Bumper   9.809.608.82EA
374225258-64 Lower Control Arm Bumper   7.387.236.64EA
A52831958 Impala Back Up Light Lens   6.836.696.15EA
AC-D1500L1958 Gas Tank Strap-To-Trunk Floor Brace, LH (C7591)   89.9588.1580.96EA
AC-D1500R1958 Gas Tank Strap-To-Trunk Floor Brace, RH (C7592)   89.9588.1580.96EA
AC-D1728L1958 LH Impala Front Armrest Bezel   29.9529.3526.96EA
AC-D1728R1958 RH Impala Front Armrest Bezel   29.9529.3526.96EA
AC-D1729L1958 LH Impala Front Armrest End Cap   18.4918.1216.64EA
AC-D1729R1958 RH Impala Front Armrest End Cap   18.4918.1216.64EA
AC-D19271958 Seat Stops   11.5911.3610.43SET
AC-D29011958 Rear Quarter Louvers (8-Piece Set)   99.0097.0289.10SET
AC14921958 Impala & Bonneville Upper Windshield Molding Clip, each (AC1725)   4.504.414.05EA
AC14931958 A-Arm Clips, set of 12   18.9518.5717.06SET
AC15001958 Gas Tank (GM48A)   189.00185.22170.10EA
AC15011958 Gas Tank Straps   38.0037.2434.20SET
AC1618L1958 Impala 2-DR HT Door Glass Assembly, LH   169.00165.62152.10EA
AC1618R1958 Impala 2-DR HT Door Glass Assembly, RH   169.00165.62152.10EA
AC163158-64 Rear Radio Speaker   29.9529.3526.96EA
AC17231958 Impala Set of 8 Interior Door & Window Handles   104.95102.8594.46SET
AC17241958 Impala Interior Handle Escutcheons, set of 8   89.9588.1580.96SET
AN226758-72 Engine Mount, Front, Left & Right   7.497.346.74EA
B12031958 Passenger Car Shop Manual   30.0029.4027.00EA
B6005001958 Battery Tray   35.0034.3031.50EA
C8-8001958 Gear Shift Grommet   5.004.904.50EA
C8-407-S58-60 Sedan Rear Glass Drain Seals   15.0014.7013.50PR
C8-40058-64 Trunk Lid Bumper   1.301.271.17EA
C8-1001958 Hood/Fender Bumpers   4.754.664.28PR
C8-1230-C1958 Convertible Quarter Window Stops   26.0025.4823.40PR
C8-10001958 HT/CONV/SED Windshield Channel   52.0050.9646.80EA
C8-11001958 Rear Glass Channel   52.0050.9646.80EA
C8-12121958 2-Door Door Handle & Lock Pads   5.004.904.50SET
C8-12131958 Rear Fender Antenna Seal   2.001.961.80EA
C8-1100-WD1958 Sedan Delivery/Station Wagon Rear Glass Channel   55.0053.9049.50EA
C8-1230-H1958 Hardtop Quarter Window Stops   26.0025.4823.40PR
C8-12091958 Aux. Door Hinge (J) w/Strip   20.0019.6018.00PR
C8-2800-H1958 Body to Frame Pads/Mounts   95.0093.1085.50SET
C8-2800-C58-60 Convertible Body to Frame Pads/Mounts (S2062)   60.0058.8054.00SET
C8-21001958 Over the A-Frame Seals   20.0019.6018.00PR
C8-22001958 Front Fender Anti-Squeak Kit   16.0015.6814.40SET
C8-27001958 Heater Seals   16.0015.6814.40KIT
C8-65011958 Park Lamp Lens Gaskets   3.002.942.70EA
C8-65021958 Tail/Back Up Lamp Lens Gaskets   3.002.942.70EA
C8-65071958 Tail Light Bezel Seals   10.009.809.00SET
C8-9016-AT1958 Auto Trans. Steering Column Floor Seal   15.0014.7013.50EA
C8-9016-ST1958 Standard Trans. Steering Column Floor Seal   15.0014.7013.50EA
C8-9017-AT1958 Auto Trans. Steering Column (Sponge) Firewall Seal   12.0011.7610.80EA
C8-90071958 Firewall Pad   75.0073.5067.50EA
C8-90141958 Accelerator Pedal Rod Boot   12.0011.7610.80EA
C8-9017-ST1958 Standard Transmission Steering Column (Sponge) Firewall Seal   12.0011.7610.80EA
C8-902358-63 Accelerator Pedal, Rubber   32.0031.3628.80EA
C9-1203-H59-60 Hardtop/Convertible Vent Window Channel   85.0083.3076.50PR
CL16858-60 Glove Box Lock, later style key   20.7520.3418.68EA
CL168A58-60 Glove Box Lock, Original   23.9523.4721.56EA
CL4221958 Ignition, Door, Glove & Trunk Original Lock Set w/"Long" Cylinder   81.9580.3173.76SET
CL4231958 Ignition, Door, Glove & Trunk Original Lock Set w/"Short" Cylinder   81.9580.3173.76SET
CVY-5511958 Impala Trunk Lid Insulation   28.0027.4425.20SET
CVY-955-BK1958 Kick Panel, Black   11.1110.8910.00PR
D1-1203-H61-62 Hardtop/Conv. Vent Window Channel   85.0083.3076.50SET
D3-1203-H63-64 HT/CONV Vent Window Channel   85.0083.3076.50PR
DC1631958 Jack Instruction, Sed./CV/HT   3.503.433.15EA
DC05011958 283-348 Air Cleaner Service Installation Decal   3.503.433.15EA
DT8DS1958 Rear Seat Speaker Script, "Impala"   17.5017.1515.75EA
DT58-6TL1958 Impala Tailamps assys: Sets of 6 including lens, gaskets, wiring, instructions, etc.   275.00269.50247.50SET
DT58DS1958 Trunk Script, "Chevrolet", ea.   35.0034.3031.50EA
DT58IF1958 Quarter Panel Emblem - Flag w/Impalla, pr   35.0034.3031.50PR
EO421C1958 "Nomad" Quarter Panel Script   18.9518.5717.06EA
ES312RL58-62 Tie Rod Outer End   21.8721.4319.68EA
ES59758-64 Tie Rod Inner End   40.8640.0436.77EA
FBL4001958 Front Brake Line Set, Standard Brakes Only (4-Pieces)   59.0057.8253.10EA
FX10200-AND1958 Biscayne 283 3-Core Desert Cooler Radiator   339.95333.15305.96EA
GLC4031958 Gas Line Clips and Attaching Bolts (6)   18.0017.6416.20SET
GLL4021958 Long Gas Line (Pump to Tank), 283 4-BBL or 348 CID   65.0063.7058.50EA
GTS00558-60 Gas Tank Sending Unit, 3/8" Line; All small block w/4 BBl. and all 348 CID   46.0045.0841.40EA
GTS00658-60 Gas Tank Sending Unit, All Small Block w/2-BBL & 6-Cylinder, 5/16" Line   46.0045.0841.40EA
GTS00758-60 Station Wagon, 59-60 El Camino Gas Tank Sending Unit w/ 5/16" Line   68.0066.6461.20EA
GTS00858-60 Station Wagon Tank Fuel Sending Unit - 3/8" Line, 59-60 El Camino   68.0066.6461.20EA
HBL4001958 Rear End Housing Brake Lines (2 Pieces)   29.0028.4226.10PR
HC-25401958 New Deluxe Heater Core (No Core Required) (30 day Warrenty VOID when installed in modified cars)   119.95117.55107.96EA
HHK4001958 Heater Hose Kit   35.0034.3031.50KIT
HIR4001958 Hood Insulation Retainer Kit, includes 6 Screws, 6 Clips & 2 Wires   55.0053.9049.50KIT
I10225-ANH1958 Chev. V8-348 Radiator   329.95323.35296.96EA
J-7659-60 Sill Plates, All 2 Doors including El Camino   95.0093.1085.50PR
L-10758-62 Inside Rear View Mirror   19.0018.6217.10EA
L-2731958 Front Fender Ornament, pr.   85.0083.3076.50PR
L-3051958 Dome Light Lens, Impala Sports Coupe   7.006.866.30EA
LBL40058-60 Long Brake Line, 6 or 8 Cyl.   40.0039.2036.00EA
LG145A1958 Impala 2-Door Coupe Authentic Felt Kit, 10 pieces   91.9590.1182.76KIT
LG146A1958 Impala Convertible Windowfelt Weatherstrips   91.9590.1182.76KIT
LM1191958-60 Front Wheel Outer Cup   26.2725.7423.64EA
LM6701958-60 Front Wheel Inner Cup   33.8233.1430.44EA
M026951958 Forward Lamp Harness, V/8   109.00106.8298.10EA
M027101958 Underdash Harness   308.00301.84277.20EA
M027651958 Starter Harness, 348 Engine, Manual Transmission   75.0073.5067.50EA
M027751958 Starter Motor Extension   25.0024.5022.50EA
M0284558-60 Negative Battery Cable   46.0045.0841.40EA
M028801958 Power Accessory Feed Wire, 348 C.I. Only, power top, seat & windows, part #M02875 to rear body connector   10.009.809.00EA
M084051958 Rear Lamp Harness, Bel-Air & Biscayne   135.00132.30121.50EA
M084151958 Tailamp Harness, Convertible   169.00165.62152.10EA
M1800058-72 Glove Box Lamp Kit, socket, bulb & wire   18.0017.6416.20EA
M192301958 Back Lamp Switch Extension Harness, Impala   21.0020.5818.90EA
M192451958 Clock Harness, Dash Mounted   23.0022.5420.70EA
M194501958 Engine Harness, V/8, 283 c.i., Auto Transmission   75.0073.5067.50EA
M195851958 Forward Lamp Extension Harness, all, front parking light bar wiring   49.0048.0244.10EA
M196451958 Headlight bucket Extension Harness, set of 2   36.0035.2832.40PR
M216801958 Positive Battery Cable   46.0045.0841.40EA
M273251958 Ground Strap Kit, V/8, 283-348 c.i.   17.0016.6615.30EA
M355901958 Forward Lamp Harness, V/8, w/internal regulator alternator (driver side mounted) (123392343 Horn Relay)   124.00121.52111.60EA
MCC02558-64 2" Classic Drop Spindles (63162)   229.00224.42206.10PR
MCM-9198458-64 Center Emergency Brake Cable   19.0018.6217.10EA
PSC00258-64 Power Steering Ram Cylinder (8.115A)   225.00220.50202.50EA
PSH40058-59 Power Steering Hoses, set of 4   103.00100.9492.70SET
RC-658-64 12 Pound Radiator Cap, AC - except 63-64 with Air Conditioning   10.4910.289.44EA
RFP-48B-L1958 Rear Fender Panel, LH   59.9558.7553.96EA
RFP-48B-R1958 Rear Fender Panel, RH   59.9558.7553.96EA
RHK4011958 Lower Radiator Hose Kit   30.0029.4027.00EA
RHK40258-61 Upper Radiator Hose, 8-Cylinder 283   30.0029.4027.00EA
RHK4031958 Upper Radiator Hose, 8 Cyl.: 348 w/3 2-BBL   30.0029.4027.00EA
RHK42058-61 Upper 6-Cylinder Radiator Hose   35.0034.3031.50EA
RW-607-NR58-64 Wheel Bearing, Rear   122.95120.49110.66EA
S200159-64 Trunk Weatherstrip   28.8528.2725.97EA
S20101958 Door Weatherstrip w/clips & Molded ends, HT, CONV.   85.2883.5776.75PR
S20431958 Roofrail Weatherstrips with Clips, Hardtop, pair   31.3030.6728.17PR
S20461958 Antenna Base Gasket   3.853.773.47EA
S206058-60 Hood to Cowl Seal (C5-2600)   13.3113.0411.98EA
S206258-60 Body Mounts, Convertible   74.5273.0367.07SET
S206358-65 Brake Pedal Pad, automatic, with power brake   11.2811.0510.15EA
S206558-65 Brake and Clutch Pedal Pads, Standard   7.807.647.02EA
S206658-65 Brake Pedal Pad, Automatic without Power Brake   11.2811.0510.15EA
S206758-64 Park Brake Petal Pad   8.378.207.53EA
S207458-59 Gas Door Bumper
S230058-64 Quarter Window Seals, Pair   10.099.899.08PR
S214511958 Hood Insulation   27.4026.8524.66EA
T20001958 6-Cylinder Hood Emblem Assembly   128.75126.18115.88EA
T2005A58-61 Dome Light Lens   5.855.735.27EA
T20071958 Dash Bezel Set (Includes Lighter, Lights, Wiper & Lock)   75.8074.2868.22SET
T20081958 Radio Bezel Set (Volume, Selector & Spacer) Also fits '56-'60 Corvette   35.1534.4531.64SET
T20091958 Speaker Bezel   26.9026.3624.21EA
T20101958 Instrument Lens Set, Complete 6-Piece Set   163.85160.57147.47SET
T20121958 Gasoline Face   35.1534.4531.64EA
T20131958 Temperature Face   35.1534.4531.64EA
T20151958 Transmission Indicator Illuminator   18.7518.3816.88EA
T20181958 Transmission Indicator, Turboglide   35.1534.4531.64EA
T202458-60 Impala Horn Ring Emblem   39.7538.9635.78EA
T20261958 Arm Rest Reflector   70.2068.8063.18PR
T203058-60 Seat Adjustor Knob   17.4317.0815.69EA
T20721958 Outside Door Handles   142.05139.21127.85PR
T957958-74 Temperature Control Knob (Chrome) 4 Pieces   13.6013.3312.24SET
T9579A58-74 Heater Control Knobs, Black (4 Pieces)   10.5510.349.50SET
TC-121958 Convertible Top & Lid Hydraulic Cylinder   145.00142.10130.50EA
WPK40158-64 Water Pump Rebuild Kit, 348 & 409e   62.5061.2556.25KIT
WPK40258-64 Water Pump Rebuild Kit, 283-327 Engines   62.5061.2556.25KIT
BK13-55L55-57 Emergency Brake Show Lever (17638)   44.9544.0540.46KIT

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